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David Sullivan

David Sullivan

I have over 18 years of software development, security and customer service leadership experience in the orthodontics, healthcare and manufacturing industries. I previously held design, development, consulting and IT management roles. I have a passion for creating innovative solutions that use the latest technologies and place the needs of the customer first.

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What I Do
I create web applications, websites and social media accounts for a small number of great clients. I also consult on search engine optimization when requested. If your website was developed properly in the first place, you should not need SEO help from a third party. You need a website that is unique, search optimized, portable and built for a purpose. I choose my clients carefully so I am able to provide the best service to all clients. To see whether I can work with you, feel free to contact me.


  • Custom WordPress themes – convert your website to WordPress or design a new site
  • Add a WordPress blog – create a WordPress blog theme based on your website
  • Website design, development and support – create a new site for you or support your current site
  • Application development – create a special application for your website
  • Search engine optimization – if your website was not designed correctly, I can fix it
  • Social media setup – setup your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles

Personal Stuff

I am pretty much a geek. I love technology, Star Wars, Star Trek and most sciency things. Most importantly, I’m a husband and father who loves to spend time camping and exploring with my family.

Peace and long life.